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Be Prepared: The Essential Emergency Kit for Your Wedding Day

When it comes to putting together an emergency kit for your wedding day, it's important to have a variety of items on hand. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Cough drops: for soothing a sore throat

  • Toothpaste and toothbrushes: for freshening up before bed or in the morning

  • Hand lotion: for keeping skin hydrated and moisturized

  • Band-Aids: for covering any small cuts or scrapes

  • Hair ties and bobby pins: for securing and styling hair

  • Safety pins and straight pins: for fixing any wardrobe malfunctions

  • Toothpicks: for picking any food stuck in teeth

  • Hand sanitizer: for keeping hands clean and germ-free

  • Tide to go: for removing any small stains from clothing

  • Standard tape measure: for making any necessary measurements

  • Fishing line: for securing any loose decorations

  • Floral cutter: for trimming flowers or greenery

  • Flashlight: for seeing in low light conditions

  • Box cutter: for opening boxes or packages

  • Hairbrush: for brushing out tangles or styling hair

  • Hairspray: for touch-ups or holding a hairstyle in place

  • AA batteries: for powering any electronic devices

  • Full-size scissors: for cutting ribbon or other materials

  • Lint roller: for removing any stray lint or pet hair

  • Reserved signs and card stock: for creating any last-minute signage

  • BBQ lighter: for lighting sparklers or candles (if applicable)

  • Black shoelaces: for replacing any broken shoelaces

  • Towels: for mopping up any spills or drying off hands

  • Pens (silver and black): for making any necessary notes or updates

  • Sharpies: for labeling items or making any necessary markings

  • White ribbon or twine: for securing decorations or tying together bouquets

  • Zip ties: for securing loose items or attaching decorations to surfaces

  • Thank you cards (blank): for thanking guests or vendors on the spot

  • Super glue: for fixing any broken items

  • Deodorant: for freshening up after a long day or night of dancing

  • Corkscrew: for opening any bottled beverages

  • Disposable gloves: for protecting hands or avoiding contact with any substances

  • Glass wipes: for cleaning any smudges or fingerprints from glasses

  • Paper clips: for holding papers together or attaching items

  • Corsage and boutonniere pins: for securing flowers to clothing

  • White chalk: for making any necessary markings on dark surfaces

As you put together your own emergency kit, don't forget to include any additional items that you think may come in handy. Personalizing it with your own needs in mind is key for a smooth and successful wedding day.

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